Privacy policy

City Bike Lima Privacy Policy and personal data processing

In accordance with the benefit of Law n ° 29733 – "Personal Data Protection Act", its regulations, Supreme Decree No. 003-2013-JUS and the other complementary arrangements, the holder of this data bank in which the personal data is stored Provided in this application is CityBike Perú SAC, with a unique registry of taxpayers N ° 20603335466, with domicile for these effects in Calle dos de Mayo 534, Office 704, Miraflores, Lima, Perú (onwards "CITYBIKE"). CITYBIKE obtains from the holder of the Personal data (onwards, the "owner") this Declaration of consent for the treatment of his personal data.

This privacy policy and the processing of personal data (onwards, the "policy") shall enter into force from the holder of the personal data consent to this policyand will be in force until it revokes the authorization to the treatment of your data.

As a normal part of our general activities, we collect and, in some cases, disclose information about our users, (onwards, the "headline"). This policy describes the information CITYBIKE collects from the owner of the data and what can be done with that information. This policy is very detailed because it is important that all the owners who access our service must know the practices of CITYBIKE in the most accurate way possible.

The holder expressly accepts and grants his/her free, express, prior, informed and unequivocal consent for CITYBIKE, who owns the database, to use and carry out the treatment of the personal and identifiable information of the holder under this Policy.

With the consent of the holder, CITYBIKE may collect the information it provides (detailed in paragraph 2.1 of this policy). In the same way, the holder authorizes CITYBIKE to collect, access, register, organize, store, preserve, elaborate, modify, extract, consult, use, block, deliver for custom-made treatment transfer at national and international level, communicating, modifying, deleting and, in general, dealing with your personal data.

The privacy of the cardholder's information is very important for CITYBIKE. It is for this reason that the precautions are taken to protect your information, using the most comprehensive and effective information protection mechanisms.

FIRST: Rights of access, cancellation and rectification of Personal information

1.1. The holder exercises the rights to access to his data that are in possession of CITYBIKE, to know the characteristics of his treatment, to rectify them if they are inaccurate or incomplete, to request that they be deleted or to cancel his Personal information (more Forward defined), including your e-mail address, as well as to oppose the treatment of it and to be informed of the cessions and/or international transfers of Personal information carried out, all in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation Applicable.

In order to exercise the mentioned rights, the holder must submit an application through the email The respective application under the terms set out in the regulation of Law N° 29733, including the following: [Holder’s name and domicile or other means of receiving reply; Documents certifying their identity or legal presentation, clear description specifying  the data for those who seek to exercise their rights and other elements or documents that facilitate the localization of the data].

CITYBIKE shall communicate to the third parties who has transferred the data’s holder, however, shall not be liable for the acts of the third parties. In addition, CITYBIKE will act within the terms of the law.

1.2. The holder guarantees and responds, in any case, to the veracity, accuracy, validity and authenticity of the Personal information provided, and commits to keep it properly updated.

1.3. Once registered in CITYBIKE, the data holder may review and change the information he has sent to CITYBIKE during the registration process, including:
  • email address Notwithstanding the changes you make, CITYBIKE will retain the above personal information for security and control of fraud.
  • Registration information such as: Address, city, region, zip code, main phone number, email, etc.
  • PIN code.
1.4. CITYBIKE will retain the cardholder's Personal information for a period of ten (10) years in order to resolve disputes or claims detect problems or incidents .resolve them, and comply with the provisions of the terms and conditions. CITYBIKE may modify this policy and/or the practices of sending e-mails. In the event that CITYBIKE changes the policy, it will notify the holder by posting an updated version of the policy in this section or by sending an e-mail or report to the main page or other sections of the application to keep the Holder of the changes made. The holder must decide whether or not to accept the changes to the policy. In the event that the holder does not accept the new terms and conditions of the policy, the link between the latter and CITYBIKE will be dissolved and the Personal information of that data holder will not be used in any other way than that which was informed at the time of collection.

1.5. To consider the holder who has not been served in the exercise of his rights may file a complaint with the Directorate of Protection of Personal data, addressing the Bureau of parts of the Ministry of Justice and Human rights: Calle Scipion Llona 350, Miraflores, Lima, Peru.

SECOND: Personal information

2.1. In order to access the CITYBIKE service, data holders must register, supplying certain complete and accurate personal data. CITYBIKE may request, collect and store the following personal information: Nickname or pseudonym (name of data holder) to operate on the site of CITYBIKE, name and surname, document number or valid identification, physical contact information (such as Phone number, address, e-mail, etc.) (onwards "Personal Information"). CITYBIKE will be able to confirm the Personal information provided by attending public entities, specialized companies or risk center’s for which the owner of the data hereby authorizes it expressly. The information you CITYBIKE obtain from these entities will be treated in a confidential manner.

2.2. The holder of the data that registers in CITYBIKE through his Personal account, expressly agrees that CITYBIKE has access, at any time, to all the information contained in his Personal account, including in particular, but without limitation, your Personal information, information about your interests, tastes, contacts and any other content hosted on your Personal account.

THIRD: Use of Personal information

3.1. In order to efficiently provide the service and in order for the owner to be able to apply agilely and easily to the services, CITYBIKE requires certain personal information, including e-mail address. The collection of information allows the owner to offer the services and functionalities that are better adapted to their needs. The Personal information collected has the following purposes:
  • Provide efficient and fast service.
  • Customer service contact with the owner in case of any eventuality that arises during the service delivery.
  • Develop internal studies on the interests, behaviors and demographics of the holder to better understand their needs and interests and offer better services or provide them with related information.
Additionally, you authorize CITYBIKE to use your Personal information to:
  • Send information or messages to the holder by e-mail, SMS (text message and/or any other type of mobile devices, advertising or promotions, banners, of interest to the owner, news about CITYBIKE. If you prefer, you may request that you exclude it from the lists for sending promotional or advertising information through the Support section available through the platform.
If you do not accept any of the personal data treatments, this will not affect others.
Your personal data will only be used for limited purposes, as shown here.

3.2. CITYBIKE will share Personal information (including e-mail address) with service providers or outsourcing companies or companies with whom CITYBIKE has a collaborative or alliance relationship, which contribute to improving or facilitate operations through CITYBIKE. CITYBIKE will ensure that certain standards are met by the signing of agreements or agreements whose object is the privacy of the owner's personal data. In some cases, these service providers will be the ones who collect information directly from the cardholder (for example, if we ask them to carry out surveys or studies). In such cases, you may be notified of the participation of a service provider in such activities, and it shall be at the discretion of the holder all the information you want to provide and the additional uses that the vendors choose to make. In the event of the proprietor's own initiative provide additional information to those providers of Services directly, such providers will use this information in accordance with their own privacy policies. CITYBIKE is not responsible for the misuse of the owner's Personal information that makes companies or Web sites that act on their own account.

3.3. The holder acknowledges and accepts that CITYBIKE may disclose or share Personal information with third parties who are service providers or allied companies, affiliated or related to CITYBIKE. If this is not the case, it will require the consent of the data holder to do so.

FOURTH: Confidentiality of Personal information

4.1. Once registered in the service, CITYBIKE will not sell, exchange, rent or share the owner's Personal information except in the forms established in this policy. Notwithstanding this, the holder expressly consents that CITYBIKE transfers all or part of the Personal information to any of the companies controlled, controlling and/or linked to CITYBIKE, to any title and at the time, form and Conditions that it deems pertinent. CITYBIKE will do everything possible to protect the privacy of Personal information. Without prejudice to this, it may happen that by virtue of court orders, when it is allowed by law, or in case of prevention of laundering of assets or financing of terrorism, CITYBIKE may disclose Personal information to the authorities or third parties. Parties without the consent of the holder.  

FIFTH: Personal Key

5.1. To access the services reserved only for the duly registered owner, the holder shall have a personal key. With it you can hire and qualify the services provided by third parties through the application of CITYBIKE. The holder shall maintain this key under absolute confidentiality and shall in no event disclose or share it with other persons.

5.2. The holder shall be responsible for all acts taking place through the use of the name of the holder of the data and key, which includes taking charge of the payment of the fees that may be accrued or for the damages that other owners of the data might suffer. for that reason or any reason, a data holder believes that someone can know his/her password, he/she must modify it by entering the modification option arranged for that purpose on the CITYBIKE platform.

SIXTH: Under age

6.1. The service is directed only to persons over 18 years of age, and the entry of under-18s to the same is restricted. Notwithstanding the foregoing, CITYBIKE reserves the right to verify, by the means it deems most timely, the actual age of any data holder.

6.2. Under suspicion that a service data holder is under 18 years of age, and that he has falsified the data required for his access, CITYBIKE may refuse to referral access to the services offered

SEVENTH: Legal Requirements

7.1. CITYBIKE will cooperate with the competent authorities and other third parties to ensure compliance with the laws. CITYBIKE may disclose the Personal information of the holder without his consent only when permitted by law, required by judicial mandate, Or in cases of prevention of the laundering of assets or financing of terrorism or the case that this holder participates in illegal activities. In such situations, CITYBIKE will cooperate with the competent authorities in order to safeguard the integrity and security of the community and that of its data holders.

EIGHTH: Security and storage of Personal information

8.1. CITYBIKE is obliged to comply with all applicable regulations concerning security measures applicable to personal data. Additionally, CITYBIKE will use industry standards to protect the confidentiality of your Personal information, including, in other measures, firewalls and Secure Socket layers ("SSL"). CITYBIKE considers the owner's Personal information as an asset that must be protected from any unauthorized loss or access. To this end, CITYBIKE employs various security techniques to protect such data from unauthorized access by data holders inside or outside the company. Notwithstanding the foregoing, considering that the Internet is an open, public-access system, CITYBIKE cannot guarantee that unauthorized third parties may not eventually exceed security measures and use Personal information in an undue manner.

8.2. The holder expressly acknowledges and accepts that CITYBIKE, at its sole discretion, will, in any way, store and eventually monitor the exchange of messages and emails between the holder and customer service, carried out by any of the means Available, with the sole aim of contributing to the security of the relations and communications that are developed in the service.

8.3. CITYBIKE is not responsible for illegal interception or violation of its systems or databases by unauthorized persons. CITYBIKE is not responsible for the improper use of the information obtained by those media.

8.4. The Personal information of the holder will be stored in the CITYBIKE database, the same one that is in an automated file or support of personal data.

NINTH: Change in e-mail preferences

9.1. Without prejudice that CITYBIKE wants to keep the holder updated at all times on promotions, novelties, changes, etc., the holder can select the e-mails and promotional information that they would like to receive from CITYBIKE, provided that the holder has Given your consent to receive this information.

9.2. In the event that the proprietor does not wish to receive such emails, he may unsubscribe by changing his preferences in the e-mail following the instructions CITYBIKE provides in his communications.

This privacy policy rich from the moment the holder gives his/her consent.